Does Sorting Laundry Help?

My mom taught me how to arrange clothes when I was a teenager. She still sorts her laundry by whites, colors, underwear, pants, and even my dad's work clothes, which become pretty nasty.

I've done laundry this way for 20 years, or whenever I ran out of socks. I don't enjoy washing laundry because of sorting.

So when my partner and I moved into a house together and started sharing a laundry basket, he took over the chore, and I was happy to let him.

The catch is that sorting is not at all a part of his method. Instead, he turns the whole hamper upside down into the washing machine, adds some detergent, and turns the machine on.

Everything else, including socks, jeans, underwear, T-shirts, and everything else, goes into the drum together.

We've lived together for almost a year, yet my clothes haven't changed. My whites haven't turned weird hues or faded, as I was advised.

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