How long does honey last?

Honey is a pantry item that most people have. It may be used in beverages, baked items, and savory foods.

However, a little goes a long way, and a jar may survive for months or years. What do you think about that? Is honey safe to eat?

Honey is made by bees from plant nectar. There are hundreds of varieties of honey produced worldwide, each with its distinctive taste character.

Does Honey Go Bad?

No way! Honey contains 80% sugar and 18% water. Bacteria and mold cannot thrive in this tiny quantity of water. Honey is also incredibly thick, preventing oxygen penetration.

What If Honey Is Crystallized?

Honey crystallizes naturally over time. This doesn't indicate the honey is bad; it only means part of the sugar has separated from the water and crystallized.

What If Honey Is Crystallized?

Expiration and sell-by dates help manage inventories. Dates help keep things fresh.

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