Don't waste your time peeling peaches for pies!

The advent of peaches is summer's alluring call. The delicious, juicy fruit has a fuzzy exterior and an inside that resembles a summer sunset.

Peaches are a great snack on their own, but they also make great peach crisps and cobblers. Peaches combine nicely with savory items.

The summertime dessert has an abundance of antioxidants, which are renowned for possibly assisting with anti-aging and illness prevention.

Some people don't like peaches because they are hard to peel. This is the only thing that keeps them from jumping on the peach bandwagon. But should you really peel your peaches before baking them?

While it's assumed that you won't peel peaches for a summer peach cheese toast or a grilled peach salad, there's a gray area when it comes to baking.

The best way to make pies and other baked goods with peaches taste better and look better is to not peel the peaches.

Instead of being firm and rough, peach peels tend to break down when baked.

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