Eating healthy and saving money: tips

Plan meals ahead to eat healthy on a budget.Setting a weekly meal plan is cost-effective, less wasteful (since you'll buy only what you need), and helps you eat more healthful and balanced meals.

After making a menu plan, go grocery shopping. But always bring a list.
Create a shopping list separated into categories (fruits and vegetables, fresh produce, carbs, proteins, frozen items, etc.) 

Buy frozen and canned meals in bulk.Bulk-buying healthy food can also save money. Grains, cereals, and nuts are cheaper in bulk. You'll always have healthful, nutritious ingredients in your pantry.

Buy generic.Buying store brands might save money on groceries.
Generic brands are cheaper than national ones with same quality

Swap processed foods with whole foods.Highly processed and packaged foods are less healthful, more calorie dense, and richer in harmful fats, sodium, and preservatives than whole foods.

Grow your own produce.Grow your own produce instead of buying them at the shop. Don't worry if this seems confusing.

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