Effects of Lassi consumption

Lassi side effects: Did you know that there is a proper time to consume Lassi? In addition, some individuals may not gain from consuming it

To cool the body and mind during the heat, lassi is drank.
Along with being a tasty beverage, lassi is also said to be good for your health.

Buttermilk is rich in nutrients that, in one way or another, are helpful for general health, including carbs, a variety of vitamins, proteins, potassium, phosphorus, healthy bacteria

Buttermilk has a very high salt content, which is bad for persons with renal problems.

Because lassi is not adequately digested when consumed at night, weight gain is a concern.

If you drink it in this condition at night, your weight may rise.
Therefore, avoid drinking lassi at night if you wish to maintain a healthy weight.

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