Equifax incorrectly scored "millions" of customers.

Equifax provided wrong credit ratings to millions of clients this spring, the Wall Street Journal revealed.

Equifax, one of three major credit-reporting organisations in the U.S., offers financial information and scores for consumers, affecting approval for mortgages, credit cards, and vehicle loans.

"Equifax takes this technological coding issue seriously since businesses and consumers rely on our data

We can affirm the issue has been fixed and that we've been working with customers to analyse consumer needs "business reported.

"Our technology team made a code mistake in one of our legacy apps, resulting in inaccurate scores. We rectified it "according to the event transcript.

Equifax was implicated in a 2017 data breach that exposed 150 million Americans' personal information and led to the removal of the company's CEO. After the breach, Equifax paid $700 million.

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