5 Essentials every female traveler must carry!

Today, women lead society. They live on their own terms and are unrepentant. Younger women are increasingly traveling alone.

Traveling gives many women independence and new experiences. Solo travel allows women to learn about themselves and feel strong.

Trip preparation might be difficult.
We've developed a list of 5 lightweight travel necessities for ladies to make your trip easier.

1. A solid backpack

 Backpacks provide versatility, which is important while traveling. You may go mountaineering in Himachal Pradesh or visit Goa without worrying about your possessions.

2. Sanitary essentials

Outdoors, convenience and cleanliness are essential for peeing and skin care. Bring painkillers, extra sanitary napkins, a menstrual cup, and personal hygiene wash.

3. Snacks for the journey

To avoid mood swings and hunger when traveling, pack adequate food. Traveling ladies need nourishment. You may pack dry cakes, chocolates, Nutella, Yogabars etc.

4. Portable phone charger

Your phone is essential. We recommend buying a small power bank with a big battery. A power bank makes traveling simpler.

5. Pepper- spray

Pepper spray may rescue the day when needed. If you feel pursued, robbed, or physically attacked, pepper spray may save your life.

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