Extreme heat harms the body

Burning heat is dangerous. They may be life-threatening: From 2004 to 2018, more than 700 Americans died from heat-related causes, according to CDC.

Humans evolved in tropical regions and release heat via their skin. When the air is hotter than skin temperature or perspiration doesn't evaporate.

Some individuals are more vulnerable to heat than others. Infants and infants are susceptible because they lose fluid faster than adults and need assistance cooling down.

Each sweat gland makes less sweat, and that as people age, their blood vessels change in ways that make it harder for blood to get to the skin and cool them down.

Heatstroke causes organ failure, brain damage, and death when the body's core temperature hits 104° F. Heatstroke may induce cognitive impairment. 

Older persons and children are more prone to heatstroke, although younger adults may acquire it if they don't cool down. Outdoor workers, military personnel, and athletes.

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