Gardening improves mental health, claims research.

 many individuals may benefit from dealing with plants. University of Florida researchers discovered that gardening lessons reduced stress, anxiety, and sadness in healthy women.

Gardening may benefit the mental health of those with medical illnesses or obstacles, according to past research.Charles Guy, a professor emeritus in the UF/IFAS environmental horticulture

The study was co-authored by researchers from the UF Wilmot Botanical Gardens, UF College of Medicine, UF Center for Arts in Medicine, and the environmental horticulture department.

Art and gardening groups were compared. Both gardening and painting are employed therapeutically in hospital settings because they entail learning, planning, creativity, and physical activity.

All were in excellent health, which entailed screening for chronic illnesses, cigarette use, substance misuse, and anxiety or depression meds.  allocated horticulture 

Researchers remarked that many study participants departed with a newfound enthusiasm. At the conclusion of the trial, several participants declared they wanted to keep gardening.

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