Google Maps pin drop

Google Maps is a useful app/website, no doubt.
You may plan your trip on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
When used as a SatNav, it shows drivers the quickest and most eco-friendly routes to travel

If you desire privacy, it includes an Incognito mode.
Google Maps lets you put a pin at any spot on the map and provide an address to go there.

Google Maps: How to drop a pinOnce you've accessed the map, locate your destination.
If you're heading to a park near the Eiffel Tower, search "Eiffel Tower." Drag your mouse to search the map.

When you approach your location, a grey pin will appear.
Name, postcode, address, and coordinates will display in a white box.
Blue arrow in white box

Click either to see a sidebar with instructions.
Android and iPhone have comparable processes.
Open Google Maps and search for a place or browse the map.

A white box will display at the bottom of your screen with the place's name and address.
Blue buttons will give 'directions' and let you store your pin.

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