Gross Things You Should Know About Burger King

Even if you love Burger King's chicken fries and extra-large burgers, you can't help but cringe at some of the disgusting things it's done over the years.

Burger King probably had good intentions when it decided to talk to pregnant women and find out for sure if pregnancy cravings were real.

A Mother's Day ad made some sick.

Burger King researched what customers wanted. Responses included olives with vanilla ice cream, cake and meat, and Bratwurst and chocolate spread.

A Mother's Day ad made some sick.

Twitterati were disgusted by the two buns, calling it a "nightmare" and "gross." Seeing fish fingers and apple sauce packed together made some of us loose our meal.

A Mother's Day ad made some sick.

In 2020, Burger King advertised a moldy Whopper as "the beauty of no artificial preservatives" (via CNN). Few noticed its beauty.

Ad for Burger King A bad Whopper

In 2009, a model spoke out against Burger King Singapore for using her face without her permission in a sexually suggestive ad.

It Hit A New Low With A Suggestive Ad

Mouse droppings were found around the fryers, ice machine, water heater. Officials closed the premises due to "gross unhygienic conditions"

Multiple Burger Kings had rodents.

In 2001, a Bronx mother bit into her sausage and egg sandwich and a needle pierced her face. She sued for $9m. She feared she had HIV but was afraid to get tested. Th

Customers Found Syringes In Food

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