Have you had these dreams?

1. Your teeth are falling out

This happens when you feel like you can't tell the truth or that the wrong words keep coming out when you try.

2. Somebody close to you dies

You're letting go of your insecurities and growing up. That's not a negative thing; it's a symbolic "death" that must occur so you may go on.

3. You're falling

This falling while sleeping is called a hypnic jerk, and you'll wake up following these nightmares. Because you're terrified of change, they create fear hormone.

4. You're late for an appointment

Perfectionists likely have this dream. Anderson says this dream symbolizes anxiousness if things don't go as planned.

5. You're flying

If you're glad and impressed by what you see, it might mean you have a fresh perspective on life. If you experience escape, it might mean you're leaving a bad environment.

6. You're being chased

If you have this dream, it typically signifies that you are afraid that other people are starting to come to know the true you, and the thought scares you.

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