He is "completely overestimating his power to manipulate people," according to Donald Trump's niece.

Republican Representative Liz Cheney allegedly testified at a hearing a few weeks ago that Donald Trump attempted to call a witness who was scheduled to appear

before a congressional committee on January 6. According to the former President's niece Mary Trump, this incident demonstrates how "terrified and desperate" he is.

What Occurred: During her appearance on "The New Abnormal" podcast, she stated that Trump's strategy for swaying the witness was neither pressure tactics nor covert.

Again, it didn't say, "You can't testify or we'll murder you," but rather that he should pay attention and read the transcripts, according to Trump's niece.

Mary criticised the action and indicated that Trump had previously avoided such situations, letting his "minions do his dirty work."

"For him to approach the witness personally... implies to me two things: he is afraid and desperate and he has a gross overestimation of his capacity to manipulate people, according to the witness.

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