The health benefits of cinnamon

You probably like cinnamon in oatmeal and apple pie, like many others. This spice may be used in many meals and drinks and has several health advantages.

Vogt von Heselholt adds that cinnamon may slow aging and protect the brain from Alzheimer's dementia.

“Since cinnamon is abundant in antioxidants, it may help minimize oxidative stress,” Vogt von Heselholt explains.

Cassia and Ceylon cinnamon are important types. Cassia includes coumarin, a potentially poisonous chemical. Ceylon cinnamon doesn't contain coumarin, making it a healthier and safer option.

Cinnamon in tea is another healthy method to consume it. Cinnamon tea helps prevent heart disease, regulate hyperglycemia, and enhance insulin sensitivity, according to Vogt von Heselholt.

Cinnamon and honey complement breakfast and dessert meals well. Vogt von Heselholt claims they have complementary health advantages.

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