How Long Can You Store Eggs In The Fridge?

Unless you reside in Australia, Japan, Sweden, or the Netherlands, where eggs are washed and sterilized after being laid, you probably have eggs in your fridge right now.

Eggs are adaptable and may be eaten for breakfast, lunch (egg salad sandwiches), or supper. Many baked items need eggs.

 How long do eggs last? Your eggs are dated. Until then, you should be alright. What if the deadline passed? Should you trash the eggs? No. Eggs last a long time if properly preserved.

According to the USDA, raw eggs may be refrigerated for three to five weeks if bought before the sell-by or expiry date and stored immediately.

Keep your eggs in the coldest portion of the fridge — not the egg tray in the door, which is prone to temperature swings every time you open the door.

Different timeframes apply to shelled raw eggs. Raw whole eggs that have been gently beaten and raw egg yolks may be refrigerated for two days, while raw egg whites can be refrigerated for four days.

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