How to clean a washing machine?

Major equipment like washing machines need to be cleaned and maintained to improve performance and protect home safety.

Cleaning a washer prevents the accumulation of laundry chemicals and dirt that may make clothing discolored and odorous. We asked experts how to clean top- and front-loading washers.

Lindsay Jones, a Maytag brand manager, offered step-by-step guidance. She advises frequent washer cleaning. Keeping your washer clean prevents residues from accumulating.

Clean the tub with Affresh or 1-quart chlorine bleach. Rinse and spin to remove cleaner residue. Let the washing dry with the door open.

Pull out the dispenser drawer(s) until resistance is felt, or remove them if possible. Use a toothbrush to scrub any tenacious residue. 

To loosen and remove residue, immerse removable components in warm water and wipe thoroughly.

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