How to Decrystallize Honey the Easy Way?

Honey is a pantry essential. Honey figures in many dishes, from cornbread drizzle to peanut-butter sandwich to chicken nugget dip.

When you reach for that adorable bear jar and discover crystallized honey, you may hear a sorrowful trombone. It's fixable. How to decrystallize honey and prevent recurrence.

Honey crystallizes, even in the hive if it's cold. It's science. Honey contains mostly sugar, including glucose and fructose, with little water to "hold" it. 

Pollen and beeswax in raw, unprocessed honey provide a "platform" for the sugars. Honey can solidify.
Crystallization doesn't make honey hazardous or ruined. Honey never spoils.

Heavy processing, like pasteurization, slows crystallization. Artificial honeys loaded with corn syrup won't crystallize, but they lack real honey's flavor and health advantages.

Absolutely! Safe and delicious. If you drink honey in a hot beverage, like tea or a hot toddy, the texture won't matter. Some individuals enjoy crystallized honey on toast or biscuits.

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