How To Drink More Water?

You're 60% water. Every cell and tissue needs water to operate. It cushions and protects important organs, aids digestion and nutrition transfer, and regulates body temperature.

Water boosts brain function. Dehydration affects thinking and feeling since your brain is 75% water. 1-2 percent dehydration impacts focus, alertness, short-term memory, and mood.

Set a daily goal

Since water demands vary, choose your own objective. You may strive for 64 ounces of water daily or more.

Set reminders

Busy people often forget to drink enough water. Set a reminder on your phone, calendar, or computer display or tv. Set up your surroundings to encourage healthy decisions.

Always have a bottle nearby

If you're thirsty and don't have water, you won't succeed. Refill your reusable bottle regularly. Keeping your bottle in sight might remind you to drink.

One glass in the morning and before each meal.

Drink a glass of water when you wake up. It may make your day better.

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