How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes, No one likes them. We can all agree on this one thing: mosquito bites are the worst.

Right now, you're probably getting ready for a summer full of swimming, fishing, and BBQing in the great outdoors.

And there's nothing worse than a mosquito buzzing in your ear to ruin an otherwise perfect evening.

Only 10% of the world's 3,000 species are problematic. Here's how to get rid of mosquitoes. Here are some home and yard outdoor activities.

Avoid leaving doors open.

If you need to leave your mudroom or garage door open but are worried about pests, use a fan. Fans move air and confound insects in tiny places.

Check and repair all screens.

Even if you repaired your screens last summer, check for rips or holes this winter. That means screens!

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