How to Mark Your Garden l DIY Guide

• Check the soil before inserting the stick. Loose soil may support garden signs and keep them from toppling.• Garden sign may loosen after first watering.• Repeat after rain.

Mark each DIY garden sign with crayon, chalk, paint, or wood marker. Use encrypted marking to make it more intriguing. You may personalize your yard by using garden signage.

Here are your DIY garden signs after you paint and attach supports. Keeping the wood boards' original contours increases the signs' authenticity.

After painting, let the wood dry. Two-sided wood painting. Weather-dependent, it'll dry in an hour. Apply a second layer when the first has dried. Paint the wood completely.

Use weatherproof, water-resistant paint to make garden signage. Protect the paint with sealer or polish. It speeds paint drying.Wooden garden signs must be painted to withstand the sun and rain

Wooden garden signs must be painted to withstand the sun and rain. You don't need to sand or polish the wood before making rustic DIY garden signs to designate

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