How to reuse corn silk?

Warm weather, outdoor activities, picnics, barbeques, and corn season mark summer. Juicy corn-on-the-cob, colorful corn salads, and elote or Mexican street corn are perfect for cookouts.

Once you're done with the kernels, the rest of this starchy vegetable's natural packaging can be used in lots of tasty ways.

You can utilize almost every part of this amazing plant, even the cobs. FoodPrint proposes using them in homemade corn stock for soups or drying them to use as grilling or smoking chips.

One kernel remains. Most people toss away maize silk, one of the most nutritious portions of this long grain.

Corn silk is the flaxen strands of silky thread that hang from the tops of corn's protective green husks and wrap around the golden kernels in a smooth embrace.

Maize silk is part of the arduous task of washing and preparing corn to get at the tastiest niblets.

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