How to Save Your Grass From Summer Heat?

Green grass is part of the American ideal for many households. A lush green grass promotes outdoor activities like cookouts and touch football with the kids. What do you do when the turf is scorched?

A grass must survive seasonal heat, heat waves, and drought heat. We'll examine remedies for each danger.

Every area has seasonal temperature fluctuations. Why is it vital to seed your lawn with climate-appropriate grass? If your grass struggles every summer, try a heat-resistant cultivar.

Even if your lawn is healthy, mow it often, removing no more than one-third of the grass blades at a time. Use a sharp blade to get clean cuts while mowing.

Consider your lawn's wear and tear. Immediately treat and seed bald spots. Smaller difficulties are simpler to handle. New grass growth shades bare spots and prevents weed development.

During a heat wave, water your grass wisely. Give the grass time to absorb the water before high temperatures cause evaporation.

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