How to Soften Brown Sugar?

Light or dark brown sugar is an important baking ingredient. What if you open the bag or jar and discover a solid lump of sugar instead of a lovely, fluffy pile?

Everyone has their preferred technique to reclaim sugar. Even Ina Garten has a secret. Choose the best method for softening brown sugar.

Brown sugar is molasses-flavored granulated sugar. Light brown sugar has less molasses. Molasses adds moisture and caramel taste to sugar, but it may harden if not kept correctly.

When you get brown sugar home, place it in an airtight container. Cool, dry pantry is best. You can keep moisture in a terra clay sugar saver. Re-soak the tile as directed.

Brown sugar hardens as moisture evaporates from age or poor storage. Hardened sugar is okay to eat and use; merely soften it. 

If you need sugar softened rapidly, you may use a microwave or not. Microwaving is rapid but may cause melting or burning. Without a microwave, you can better manage the end result.

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