How To Use Argan Oil For Long Hair

Argan oil is often called liquid gold. It may soften skin and revitalize hair. This oil may help your hair grow in several ways.

Coin-sized shampoo.Mix 2 drops argan oil.Massage your scalp with it.Best results come from 2-3 weekly sessions.


Shampoo hair.

Towel off excess water.

Leave-In Conditioner

Apply 2-3 drops of argan oil on hair.
Style your hair as normal.

Leave-In Conditioner

Argan oil is good for hair in many ways, not just because it helps hair grow. Read on to find out what argan oil can do for your hair.

Argan oil keeps hair from getting damaged by coloring or other things. In addition, it gives the hair the nutrients it needs to repair itself.

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