Reasons Balance Worsens With Age

Age causes muscle loss (a process known as sarcopenia that begins as early as age 30).
Sarcopenia is caused by inactivity and hormonal imbalances, explains Wickham.

Balance depends on healthy joints. Aging affects your joints. This is generally attributed to senior sedentism.

"You have neural receptors in and around your joints," adds Wickham. "Your brain and nerve system consciously and unconsciously know where your body is" (which can also be thought of as coordination).

Reflexes are actions your body takes in response to something that you don't have to think about. They are very important for controlling coordination, balance, posture, and movement.

Wickham says that your vestibular system, which is the part of your inner ear that helps you keep your balance, is a big part of keeping a healthy balance.

Eyes may age. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, greater age increases eye disease risk (AAO).
This might affect your equilibrium.

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