Human hair is now a medium for North West's art.

First, North West's gothic look swept Paris Fashion Week (and expert paparazzi trolling). Since then, she's been channelling her inner-emo artist to create some disturbing illustrations .

This weekend, Kim Kardashian released several North doodles on social media, showcasing her daughter's gothic flair. 

Initially, Kim released photographs of North trying on a pair of "YR 3022 YEEZY SHDZ" at a location that looks to be Kanye West's Yeezy factory.

 North's 9-year-old face was completely covered in futuristic, shiny spectacles, giving off big astronaut vibes.

 These SHDZ were also featured in a shot of North doing a self-portrait. In the wake of Kardashian's Selfish coffee table book, may we anticipate a mother-daughter follow-up?

 It was only when Kim released photographs of North's original artwork that the actual art began.

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