If There Were No Stars...

A starry sky is unbeatable. Lying on your back on the grass and gazing at the jewel-studded cosmos is a human experience. Stars have helped build mythology and define cultures' position in the cosmos.

Often, these stories are similar all over the world. For example, in both western and Australian traditions, the constellation Orion is seen as a man chasing the Pleiades.

But what if there weren't any stars? What would life be like on Earth if the fiery furnaces of the heavens never lit up and space stayed a cold, dark void forever?

Sunlight influences human health and all life on Earth. Photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and sugar using sunshine.

All breathing life needs oxygen. Our body uses respired oxygen to make energy. Oxygen is crucial to energy synthesis in all of our cells, not only when we run or swim.

The sun fuels the mechanisms that make the world livable. Sunlight drives the hydrological cycle by evaporating rainwater and feeding rivers and lakes, which maintain plant life.

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