Iman Shumpert, a former NBA star, was arrested

Police at the airport detained the former NBA player after discovering marijuana and a Glock magazine in his backpack.

Officers were called to the TSA checkpoint at Terminal E on Saturday afternoon due to a report of a narcotics violation, according to an arrest report from DFW Airport DPS.

When the cops arrived, they were greeted by TSA agents who claimed to have found "a considerable amount of a green leafy substance inside a backpack during a secondary screening process

In addition to 6.12 ounces of marijuana, a Glock magazine with 14 nine-millimeter rounds was also discovered in the backpack, according to the police report. No weapons were discovered.

When asked about the substance, Shumpert said it was marijuana and that he was on his way to Los Angeles to pick up his kid.

Shumpert was informed by the arresting officer that he would not be catching his flight because he was being held.He was imprisoned at the airport after being handcuffed.

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