Impressive dunks by LeBron James and his two sons dazzle the Lakers' arena.

One of the finest players in NBA history is LeBron James. He joined the league in 2003 as a youngster and has since dominated for two decades, 

 ranking among the best players in the world as he approaches his 20th season.

LeBron Jr. (Bronny) and Bryce, the two kids of LeBron, are now teenagers. They now exercise with their father as they have grown older. 

The trio impressed onlookers in person during a recent session at the Los Angeles Lakers' practise facility with their athleticism. That workout's video clip went viral on social media.

The three people in the video are dunk-line practicers. Each James family member mimicked a dribble move before attacking the rim with their unique brand of athletic intensity.

The age of Bronny James is currently 17. LeBron has repeatedly expressed his desire to one day join his son in the NBA.

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