In an attempt to evade capture, the tortoise, dubbed "Houdini," had to put a balloon around his neck.

Due to humorous film showing him regularly escaping and even climbing FENCES, this "Houdini" tortoise.

Is now required to wear a bright yellow BALLOON while out in the garden.

At times, Claudia Carter was left pulling her hair out by Elmo's incessant efforts to escape by either clambering over a fence or digging into the backyard.

Even though she usually allows the "escapologist" snake go free on her yard in the summer, psychology student Claudia had an idea and tied a balloon to his belly to make him more visible. VoilĂ !

Elmo has been seen on camera clambering over a wire fence and even getting stuck numerous feet in the air as he tries to escape.

Since of the balloon harness, she thinks she can't possibly lose the three-year-old turtle because he's almost invisible against the green foliage.

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