Try these home treatments for mustard oil and your cracked heels will be supple in only 2 days.

What do you desire?- 2 teaspoons white or paraffin wax1⁄2 cup mustard oilSteps to take:Heat the mustard oil in a container first.

Put white or paraffin wax inside, heat it for 20 seconds, then switch off the gas.Beeswax and oil should be thoroughly combined.

Put on socks and thoroughly apply the liquid to your cracked ankles when it is lukewarm.Wash your feet in warm water first thing in the morning, and then moisturize your feet.

Your heels will appear soft if you use this mask frequently.
Glycerin is a good moisturizer and aids in softening dry skin. Cracked heels are relieved by its wound-healing capacity. 

Glycerin helps the skin maintain moisture for a long period by locking it in place.

Mix with glycerin and lemon juice after slightly warming the mustard oil.
Now scrub your feet with a pumice stone before applying it to them.

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