Is coffee hydrating?

Coffee is a vice. It warms cups at dawn and energises afternoons. Perhaps "guilty" is overblown and obsolete. Modern research shows coffee's health advantages and debunks several myths.

Johns Hopkins Medicine says natural chemicals in coffee may lessen Alzheimer's risk. Two to three cups of coffee daily may prevent Alzheimer's and dementia, according to studies.

It may also help maintain a healthy liver, decrease inflammation, and reduce the risk of CHD, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, renal disease, and Parkinson's disease. That's some excellent coffee.

Though caffeine is a slight diuretic, UCLA's Dr. Daniel Vigil says it hydrates. Despite flushing the kidneys and eliminating fluid, coffee doesn't cause dehydration.

Along with caffeine, coffee contains fluids. Since the body absorbs the fluid it needs and rejects excess, coffee counts as water. The Institute of Medicine recommends 9-13 glasses of water daily

In a research, casual coffee consumers drank water, low-caffeine coffee, and high-caffeine coffee. The study compared caffeine to water to diagnose dehydration. 

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