Is It Safe To Eat Swordfish?

We encounter diverse cuisine cultures and distinctive recipes on our culinary journeys in search of tasty new meals.

Some seemingly innocent foods pose health hazards. Migratory swordfish, with its mild-tasting, substantial flesh, is a pricey and popular restaurant dish.

The FDA recommends avoiding shark, king mackerel, swordfish, and tilefish. Because they're rich in mercury.

Humans are responsible for most mercury emissions in the environment. Mercury accumulates in water, where fish absorb methylmercury. Worryingly, mercury lingers in their systems.

Mercury may collect in your system, particularly your kidneys, and take longer to leave the body if you eat swordfish often.

The FDA advises pregnant, breastfeeding, or soon-to-be pregnant women to avoid swordfish and other seafood because of high mercury levels.

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