Jake Paul's business partner claims fight tickets sold well.

Jake Paul's cancelled fight caused social media chaos. Nakisa Bidarian, Paul's business partner and former UFC accountant, answered on Tuesday.

White advised Paul recruit diverse individuals in his inner circle to avoid burying the lead. He stated Bidarian's UFC accountant title didn't guarantee he understood how things operated. 

Bidarian uploaded a video on Instagram stating ticket sales were excellent and poked fun at White by calling him "just an accountant."

Bidarian stated this from a hotel room with the Manhattan skyline visible. Because of fighter safety and responsibility, we had to cancel. Returning. In progress.

Paul: "This is another professional fighter afraid to face me, like Tommy Fury." "These folks have been extremely disrespectful to deal with, seeking for every excuse to extort

more money from the event and pressure us into doing things. From the start, I knew he didn't want to join me. Clearly.
Paul added, "He's fumbling the largest payoff of his life.

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