Here are some reasons why you should eat jaljeera this summer.

According to an expert, consuming large amounts of jaljeera might raise salt levels in the body.

People have a range of drinks to select from to stay hydrated and cool when the temperatures rise throughout the summer. Jaljeera is one of the most popular drinks in Indian households.

Karishma Shah, a holistic life coach and integrative health nutritionist, explained the benefits of jaljeera as well as the amount that should be ingested for the optimum outcomes.

According to the dietitian, many individuals use jaljeera as a digestive aid because it has elements like mint powder, jeera, rock salt, amchoor powder, and hing, which are all helpful for digestion. 

 Jaljeera is also beneficial for detoxifying the body, keeping the user comfortable and not feeling bloated throughout the day, according to her.

"A lot of Indian folks have a tendency to consume very spicy and over-the-top food," she explained. I

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