Josh Allen got into a fight on the first day of pads.

There are frequently multiple clashes and even a few fights throughout training camp.

With the exception of the occasional back-and-forth jab, we haven't had much of that during the first week of Bills camp at St. John Fisher University.

Josh Allen, the team's quarterback, was about to enter the end zone for a potential touchdown on the final play of the team's 11-on-11 practise on the first day of pads.

As the whistle blew, he got hit on the way there. Jordan Phillips, a defensive tackle, was shoved when he turned around.

Immediately, a number of players on the offensive and defence began grabbing each player to break them apart. Then, from their spots farther outside the play, a pair sprinted in.

After that, not much happened, but it was noteworthy since quarterbacks seldom get into fights like that at training camp because they aren't permitted to be struck

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