Jupiter's Giant Moons Prevent Rings Like Saturn

Jupiter's rings are made of dust grains, whereas Saturn's are made of ice particles (making them very reflective). 

Astronomers have wondered why Jupiter doesn't have bigger, more magnificent rings than Saturn. Jupiter's rings should be bigger and more massive than Saturn's. 

 "The Dynamical Viability of an Extended Jupiter Ring System" was just published online and will be in the Planetary Science Journal.

"Large planets develop large moons, preventing them from having rings. We couldn't observe these fleeting rings until the Voyager spacecraft passed. For astronomers, they're crime scene blood

Herein lies the benefit of examining planetary rings, which may reveal prior encounters with moons or comets. Their shape, size, and content indicate formation events. 

Kane intends to simulate Uranus' smaller but more significant rings to learn more about their past. Popular thinking is the same catastrophe that tipped Uranus caused these rings.

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