Can you use kalonji to darken grey hair?

Kalonji seeds are used to flavor bread, vegetables, fish, and dal tadka. It's antifungal and antihistamine. Black seeds help reduce cholesterol and promote weight reduction.

Kalonji, often called nigella or onion seeds, controls blood sugar. They're also good for hair health. Yes! Kalonji seeds have many advantages.

It helps neutralize the impacts of free radicals, which leads to an improvement in the quality of the hair.

When used on hair that is dry, rough, and frizzy, kalonji oil may be beneficial since it helps to trap moisture in the hair shafts.

Because kalonji has antifungal characteristics, using kalonji masks may assist in reducing dandruff.

Because it reduces inflammation, massaging your scalp with kalonji oil can help with irritation and itching.

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