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There is no greater delight than that of biting into a sugary and juicy watermelon during the summer.

Cold Watermelon!

Happiness Is A

The taste, the texture, and the gorgeous colour were all very pleasing. It's the best there is!


But many of us who like watermelon have had the unfortunate experience of biting into a piece that was bland, starchy, and lacking in taste; it was a huge letdown. 

With these storage tips, your watermelon will stay fresh all season.

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How to Buy 

Your watermelon should sound hollow when you tap it, like a drum. That means tasty fruit and juice are waiting to get out.


How to Store Cut 

Wash your watermelon and slice off the bottom rind to provide a level area for cutting. From here, cut watermelon into pie-shaped slices, cubes, or balls. If

How to Store 

Watermelon Juice?

Keep watermelon juice in the fridge for up to four days in a sealed container. Shake the liquid before drinking if it separates.

Can You Freeze 


Watermelon can be frozen, but not whole. A entire watermelon in the freezer will turn filthy, be tough to slice without defrosting, and may even explode.

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