Kyle Shanahan downplays notion that Deebo Samuel’s role impacts his contract

After 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel publicly stated his desire to be traded, without explaining why he wanted out, those who cover the NFL for a living tried to fill the vacuum with facts or theories or suppositions or whatever.

Among the concerns raised was the notion that Samuel wasn’t happy with his role, which had morphed during the 2021 season from full-time receiver to full-time receiver and part-time running back.

As bad as things seemed between Samuel and the 49ers, the situation improved after the draft. The vibe shifted from “Deebo is gone” to “Deebo is gonna get a new contract.”

That’s where things currently stand. Samuel is with the team and not practicing (the “hold in,” as it’s now known) and his agents are negotiating a new deal.

On Saturday, coach Kyle Shanahan was asked whether he’d spoken to Samuel about this role, and whether things need to be expressly stated as to the way he’s used in order to get Samuel’s next deal done.

“Nope,” Shanahan said. “I was wondering about these press conferences. Now it just clicked. Welcome back. No, guys, Deebo and I talk a lot. We’re good.

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