Lakers: Insider Says Teams Are Demanding Steep Prices from LA in Trade Scenarios

The Lakers have a chance to complete the summer's biggest trade, but according to one NBA correspondent, it won't be doable without giving up both first-round picks.

At the moment, the NBA off-season is largely at a standstill. Nothing much has happened on the Los Angeles front since the Nets star Kevin Durant's trade request from late June

and the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers' discussions regarding a potential Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook trade.

Given the expectations they had going into the 2021–2022 season, the Los Angeles Lakers had just had one of their worst seasons in the previous two. 

The trio of Anthony Davis, Lebron James, and Russell Westbrook only participated in a total of 21 games together, going 11-10 while doing so. As a result, they were unable to make the playoffs.

In light of this, the Lakers are making every effort to enhance their team, whether it is by getting Buddy Hield and Myles Turner from the Pacers or Kyrie Irving from the Nets.

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