Many of us have attended too-busy concerts and shows. Mosh pits and walls of doom may turn a raucous event deadly.
A new Netflix documentary highlights one of the worst concerts ever. 99.

Trainwreck: Woodstock 99 is a three-part documentary series that combines interviews with festival vintage video. The goal was to mimic Woodstock 1969, but it didn't happen as planned.

Poor environmental conditions, violence, sexual assault, vandalism, fires, and more marred the weekend.The documentary says Limp Bizkit's Saturday set was the hand grenade. 

Their show was one of the weekend's most anticipated, and Korn had already shown hostility. Limp Bizkit's show was a critical event of the festival, leading to property destruction and crowd danger.

During the song Break Stuff, the band's performance spiralled. Fred Durst encouraged the crowd to take out their emotions after hearing the lyrics. 

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has defended Limp Bizkit's performance, saying, "They were the heavy band... I don't blame them."

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