Make this Mango Banana Smoothie if you're tired of sipping plain mango juice.

We're preparing a Mango Banana Smoothie Shake with this in mind. This meal has a low calorie count and is high in Vitamin C and potassium. 

This light smoothie is ideal for breakfast or a snack in the afternoon.

Smoothies are the ideal way to enjoy fresh fruits and summertime. Mango Banana Smoothie is a thick and creamy smoothie produced by mixing two of the world's best fruits, mango and banana.

1 mango
1 tsp vanilla extract
Milk from almonds
Blend all of the ingredients until smooth in a blender.
Fill a blender jar halfway with mango and banana chunks.

2nd stage
Combine the milk (or orange juice) and sugar in a large mixing bowl.
3rd Action
Ice cubes should be added to the mix.

Blend until the consistency is smooth and sticky. Serve the Mango Banana Smoothie with straws in two chilled serving glasses. *

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