McDonald's introduces 3 summer burgers

You may enjoy summer cuisine even if you can't go to your favourite summer places. A piece of cold watermelon, a grilled cheeseburger or hot dog, or a summer popsicle provide delight.

Fast food businesses are altering their menus to cater to people's appetites as the temperatures rise.

Buy McDonald's Corporation Report is the newest significant brand to expand. The traditional firm is introducing a full new Hawaii-themed menu.

The first is Cheese Loco Moco, a typical Hawaiian sandwich with white rice, beef patty, fried egg, and brown gravy with caramelised onions.

The second, Garlic Shrimp, is a fried shrimp patty topped with spicy sauce, lettuce, mayo, and cheese.

The third burger combines a beef patty, fried potato patty, Hawaiian barbeque sauce, and jalapeƱo mayo on a cheese bread.

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