McKinney fire, which has reached the stratosphere.

It used to be quite rare to encounter a fire large enough to generate its own lightning.

But during its first 24 hours, the McKinney fire, which started on Friday, alone produced four different thunder and lightning storms.

The 55,000-acre fire in the Klamath National Forest has become a powerful force of nature due to a lethal confluence of high temperatures, dried-out vegetation

A plume of soot and ash was sent miles above the Earth's surface on four consecutive occasions as columns of smoke rose from the flames above the altitude at which a typical aircraft flies.

A pyrocumulonimbus cloud is a natural occurrence that NASA originally dubbed "the fire-breathing dragon of clouds." It is a result of fire.

The McKinney fire, which spread quickly in difficult, mountainous terrain and was still uncontained as of Tuesday, is still under investigation.

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