Medicare Part B premiums might drop for retirees.

Millions of Americans are awaiting the 2023 Social Security COLA. Even the most optimistic predictions of the rise probably won't cover seniors' rising expenditures.

Social Security's COLA calculation excludes Medicare Part B premiums. 2022 premiums rose 14.5%. Lower Medicare Part B rates are possible for retirees.

To respond, we must understand why Medicare Part B rates soared in 2022. CMS cited numerous reasons for the significant November 2021 hike

Aduhelm was FDA-approved in June 2021. The drug's original price was $56,000. Alzheimer's affects 6.5 million 65-plus Americans. Aduhelm would have cost CMS a fortune.

Aduhelm's waggon derailed. In April 2022, CMS limited medication coverage to Medicare enrollees in clinical trials. Less than a month later, Biogen cut Aduhelm sales, almost trashing it in the U.S.

This sets the scenario for HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra's decision. Becerra said Medicare Part B rates would be "adjusted lower" since Aduhelm cost forecasts no longer apply.

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