Melissa Barrera is a Hollywood survivor.

Melissa Barrera has worked nonstop since her breakout performance in In The Heights. She featured in Scream 5 and is making a sequel, and she appears in Benjamin Millepied's remake

of Carmen and Lori Evans Taylor's Bed Rest, which she produced.
The Mexican actress may be seen in Keep Breathing, a Netflix drama, starting Thursday.

Barrera, along with Ana de Armas, is one of the few Hispanic actors offered a broad array of parts, much beyond the characters Latinas have been permitted to portray.

Barrera, 32, portrays Liv, a chilly, work-oriented New York lawyer who must endure a harsh wilderness and prior traumas.

It was a hard job that exhausted her quickly, but she pushed through and exploited that in her performance, which she fueled with aspects of her younger self.

BARRERA: Planes are awesome. Worry-free, literally. No turbulence for me. Never experienced a plane-drop air pocket.

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