How Mincing Affects The Taste Of Garlic?

Cutting produce changes its chemical and releases alliinase. This gives alliums their intense scent and flavor.

The Kitchn says that the more you cut garlic, the more sulfur it gives off.

This chemical process occurs when garlic clove cells are broken by slicing, crushing, or mincing. More garlic is broken down, more allicin is created, increasing the garlicky flavor.

Because of this, minced paste has a very strong tang, while a whole clove gives a more subtle flavor.

Cooking removes allicin, mellowing garlic's flavor. For a strong garlic taste, add it towards the end of cooking rather than sautéing it.

Since acid inhibits alliinase, let garlic mince rest before adding it to a vinaigrette so allicin may develop.

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