MLB world criticises the umpire's most appalling Strike 3 decision.

The Los Angeles Angels were defeated 7-2 by the Texas Rangers on Friday, and nothing seemed to go their way.

Along with the Rangers, they had to contend with their own errors. Additionally, the umpires interfered when things appeared to be going well for the Halos.

In the seventh inning, with two outs and a runner on second base, Phil Gosselin stepped up to the plate as the Angels trailed 2-1. 

Gosselin seemed to draw a walk after Martn PĂ©rez's 3-2 pitch landed deep below the strike zone. However, Carlos Torres, the home plate umpire, didn't see it that way and rang Gosselin up.

Two, when the ball approaches the plate, the movement must take it through the strike zone. This did not take place.

When it crossed, the ball was already much below the plate, and it was still sinking. Torres' cry is thus worsened by the movement rather than made more intelligible.

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