Monsoon Haircare and Skincare Mistakes

Monsoons in India are celebrated with lush green trees, lovely flowers, the scent of moist soil, petrichor, chai, and pakoras. It may also cause hair and skin problems. Humidity causes them.

People often think they don't need sunscreen when it's cloudy. "Sun is concealed, but UV rays aren't." Sunblock is necessary. Hydrate. Humidity causes greasy, sticky skin regardless of skin

 Moisturizing is the most crucial anti-aging skincare step. Don't .  Gurugram, says too much foundation and concealer may clog pores and cause breakouts.

 Fungus loves damp places. "If you get wet in the rain, pat your skin dry, particularly between fingers and toes,"

Not washing enough makes monsoon season sticky and dirty. Oily skin attracts dust. Rinse away debris to avoid congested pores. 

Dandruff is widespread during the monsoons, so wash your hair often and avoid hair oils and gels.Drink 6-7 glasses of water every day. 

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